Sergei Akopov

Professor, PhD Political science

short bio & CV

Sergei Akopov was born in St.-Petersburg and received PhD in political sciences in 2001 and Doctor of Sciences in 2015 in Moscow (Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences). He is currently is an associate professor at the School of Applied Political Science, St.-Petersburg Campus of Russian Research University “Higher School of Economics”. He has gone through a postdoctoral training in Sweden, Denmark and Hungary and has been an invited guest lecturer in Aarhus University (Denmark) and Helsinki University (Finland). Sergey is the author of over 30 papers and book chapters published in Russian, English and Spanish, as well as the book Identities in the Era of Global Migrations (St.-Petersburg, 2010). His major fields of interest are political philosophy, anthropology and communication, international conflict resolution, transnational studies, and also political history of Russia. He has been conducting lectures for various English speaking groups and Universities visiting St.-Petersburg (Stanford, Arizona, Duke, Miami, Pepperdine, London School of Economics etc.). Among the frequent topics of his lectures are: F.M.Dostoevsky and Russian Political Philosophy, Russian Politics in the Mirror of Russian Orthodox Religion, The Evolution of the Theory and Political Practice of Ethnicity in Russian State, Russian Revolution (1917) and Russian Political Culture, St.-Petersburg for Russian Identity, Russian Political System Today, Russian Political Values and Challenges of Modernization, Russian Identity, Transcultural Communities & Globalization, Enemy vs Friend Images in Politics, Transnational Intellectuals as Actors of Desecuritization and Peace, Against the Social Darwinism in Political Theory etc.

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