Sergei Akopov

Professor, PhD Political science

Transnational Intellectuals Bay





Antonov Mikhail (philosophy of law)

Arendt Hannah (philosophy, politics)

Arutunov Sergei (cultural anthropology)

Bakhtin Mikhail (philosophy, literature)

Bal Mieke (philosophy, art)

Bauman Zigmunt (philosophy, sociology)

Beck Ulrich (philosophy, sociology)

Benhabib Seyla (philosophy, politics)

Biersteker Thomas (transnational networks, philosophy of IR)

Bourdieu Pierre (philosophy, sociology)

Casula Philipp (Russian studies, social theory)

Chomsky Noam (philosophy, politics)

Derluguian Gregory (social anthropology)

Dilthey Wilhelm (philosophy, sociology)

Epstein Mikhail (philosophy, cultural studies)

Eriksen Thomas (social and cultural anthropology)

Etzioni Amitai (sociology, politics)

Fedorova Maria (political philosophy)

Flyvbjerg Bent (social science methodology)

Foucault Michel (philosophy, politics)

Haas Ernst (politics and IR)

Hale Henry (Russian studies, politics)

Habermas Jurgen (philosophy, politics)

Hassner Pierre (philosophy, politics)

Ilyin Mikhail (political theory)

Jaspers Karl (philosophy)

Kara-Murza Alexey (political philosophy)

Kantor Vladimir (philosophy)

Kapustin Boris (political philosophy)

Khomyakov Maxim (political philosophy, IR)

Klyukanov Igor (intercultural communication, literature)

Kymlicka Will (political philosophy)

Kurilla Ivan (Russian-American history)

Kuznetsov Anatoly (political anthropology, IR)

Laruelle Marlene (Eurasian studies, IR)

Levi-Strauss Claude (social anthropology)

Lebedeva Marina (IR)

Malakhov Vladimir (political philosophy)

MacIntyre Alasdair (political philosophy)

Malinova Olga (history of ideas, symbolic politics)

Mezhuev Vadim (philosophy and cultural studies)

Moreno Luis (sociology, politics)

Morozov Viatcheslav (IR)

Mouffe Chantal (political philosophy)

Nussbaum Martha (political philosophy)

Neuberger Benjamin (sociology, politics)

Neumann Iver (Russian studies, IR)

Oushakine Serguei (cultural anthropology)

Palmenfelt Ulf (cultural anthropology)

Popova Olga (political identity & culture)

Petersson Bo (Russian studies, IR)

Proshina Elena (history of political ideas)

Richard Rose (Russian studies)

Rozanova Marya (migration studies)

Rutland Peter (Russian studies)

Said Edward (history, IR)

Sakwa Richard (Russian studies, IR)

Semenenko Irina (Politics of Identity)

Simons William (Russian Studies, law)

Stepanyants Marietta (muslim and indian philosophy)

Sungurov Alexander (Human rights, politics)

Suny Ronald (political history)

Taras Raymond (Russian studies, IR)

Timofeeva Lidia (political communication)

Tishkov Valery (political anthropology)

Tournon Jean (politics)

Tulchinsky Gregory (political philosophy)

Tsygankov Andrei (IR)

Van Dijk Teun (political communication)

Umland Andreas (Russian studies, IR)

Wagner Peter (social theory and philosophy)

Zevelev Igor (IR)


Think Tanks:


American Political Science Association

Amnesty International

Central European University

Russia Votes

Centre of Discourse Studies

Cultural Complexity in The New Norway

Department of Political Science, Copenhagen University

European University Institute

European Alternatives

Faculty of Political Sciences, St.-Petersburg State University

Gallery of Russian Thinkers

Global Sociology: Comparative Perspectives, St. Petersburg State University

International Political Science Association

Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies

Institute of PEACE (US)

Institute of Philosophy Russian Academy of Sciences

IPSA RC 14 – Politics and Enthnicity

International Scholarships Resources

Institut Francais de Saint-Petersbourg (French)

The Network of Institutes of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe

Old Russian Literature. Anthology (Russian)

Political Sciences in Russia (in Russian)

Russian Communication Association

Saint-Petersburg Center for Humanities and Political Studies ‘Strategy’

Social Psychology Network


Russian Political Science Association

Soviet-Empire.com - The U.S.S.R. and communism discussion forum

The Nationalism Project

Swedish Institute

The European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations

Фонд «Русское либеральное наследие»


Transnational Life:

Arianne (art)

Benois Alexandre (culture, art)

Bauman Andrey (philosophy, poetry, cinema)

Roerich Nicholas (philosophy, painting)

Sting (music)



Russian Political Science Association


Soviet-Empire.com - The U.S.S.R. and communism discussion forum.


The Nationalism Project


Swedish Institute


Design Studio