Sergei Akopov

Professor, PhD Political science


Lecture topics:

1. F.M. Dostoevsky and Russian Political Philosophy.

2. Russian Politics in the Mirror of Russian Orthodox Religion.

3. ‘Forget the Nations’ in Modern Nation Building of Russia: The Evolution of the Theory and Political Practice of Ethnicity in Russian State.

4. ‘The Bolshevism’, Russian Revolution (1917) and Russian Political Culture.

5. St.-Petersburg for Russian Identity.

6. Russian Political System Today.

7. Russian Political Values and Challenges of Russian Modernization.

8. Nevsky Prospect - the Street of Religious Tolerance.

9. The History of Russian Political Ideas.

10. Russian Political History through the Images of Russian Art.

11. Russian Intelligentsia in the 20 century.

12. Russian Political Poster about Russian Political Identity.

13. Enemy vs Friend Images in Politics.

14. Transnational Intellectuals as Actors of Desecuritization and Peace.

15. Against the Social Darwinism in Political Theory.

16. Russian Identity, Transcultural Communities & Globalization.