Sergei Akopov

Professor, PhD Political science

Sergei Akopov was born in St.-Petersburg and received PhD candidate (kandidat nauk) in political theory in 2001 ("Semen Frank as a political Thinker"). In 2015 he defended his Ph.D (Doktor nauk) in political theory and philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Science (Moscow) ("Transnational Model of Individual Identification with Macropolitical Communities: Metatheoretical Analysis").

He is a full professor at the Department of political science, St.-Petersburg Campus of Russian Research University “Higher School of Economics” (HSE SPb). He has gone through a postdoctoral training in Sweden, Denmark and Hungary and has been an invited guest lecturer in Aarhus University (Denmark), Helsinki University (Finland), Tulane University (USA) and SciencesPo Aix-en-Provence (France).
Sergei is the author of over 80 papers, articles and book chapters published in Russian, English, Hungarian and Spanish, as well as four books: A myltidimensional man: transnational model of identification with macropolitical communities (2015), The Development of the Idea of Transnationalism in Russian Political Philosophy in the XX century (2013); Identities in the Era of Global Migrations (with M.Rozanova, 2010); Russian World in the 20 Century as a Totality of Texts (with N.Filippova, Budapest: 2010). His major fields of interest are political philosophy, political anthropology and communication, transnational studies, political and intellectual history of Russia, Europe and North America. He has been conducting lectures for various English speaking student and alumni university groups visiting St.-Petersburg (Stanford, Cornell, Brown, Arizona, Duke, Miami, London School of Economics, CIEE programs etc.). An academic director of HSE SPb - 2015 International Summer School - "Russian Studies: Russian Culture and Identity". E-mail: Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript ; Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript .

Sciences Po.Aix-Provence.jpg

Sciences Po (Aix-Provence, France)

In February 2017, professor of the Department of Applied Political Science (HSE-St. Petersburg) Sergei Akopov was an invited professor at the Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) Aix-Provence (France). Together with his colleague Professor Laurent Sermet he taught course “The Strategies of International Cultural Diplomacy”. S.V.Akopov also delivered lectures for the students of the Master's program “Globalization” on “Russia in the modern world politics” and “Human Rights in Russia”. His public lecture “Russia's International Relations: Seminal Texts and Principal Symbols” illustrated high demand among the French public for the expertise in the field of Russian international relations. (The lecture was held February 8, 2017 with around 200 guests, see photo attached). Seminars and open lectures were conducted in French, the rest of the lectures - in English.


University of Barcelona, November 8th, 2016

On November 8th, 2016 Dr.Sergei Akopov, Professor at National Research University "Higher School of Economics" - St.Petersburg, has deliver a talk The Moral Debt: Historicizing Europe's Relations with Russia (Transnational Perspective) at the University of Barcelona, due to a kind invitation of Professor Peter Wagner and his colleagues at the Centre for the Study of Culture, Politics and Society. The presentation was followed by a long and intensive discussion which we hope to be reopened next time at HSE-St.Petersburg.


Teaching to Smith College (USA)

In winter of 2017 I had a pleasure to teach a course on Russia in world politics to a wonderful group that came to the Higher School of Economics from Smith College (USA). Here we are during our filed trip to The Russian Art Museum starting a lecture “Russian Political Identity in the Mirror of Russia Art”. Among the other topics we covered were the following: “Who are we, Europeans?”: Russia’s Identity in its International Relations; Construction of the “East” and deconstruction of the “West”; Russia’s Foreign Rhetoric: Between its ‘Friends’ and ‘Enemies’; Constructing Foreign Policy by usage of collective memory; Russia in its geopolitical space; Studying the role of leadership in Russia’s International Relations; Analysing Soft and Smart Powers in Russia’s Foreign Policy etc.

chelovek mnogomerniy

Человек многомерный

Монография посвящена анализу альтернатив доминирующему в современном мире национальному способу идентификации с макрополитическими сообществами. Речь идет об альтернативах в форме цивилизационной идентификации, модели «мирового гражданства», а также транснациональной идентификации. В процессе исследования автор приходит к выводу о том, что транснациональная идентификация не может стать решением проблемы «кризиса идентичности» для больших политических сообществ.


Развитие идеи транснационализма в российской политической философии XX века

Монография посвящена анализу идеи транснационализма на материале становления и развития российской политической философии XX в. Автор исследует причины и характер формирования транснационализма и транснациональных сетевых сообществ. Анализируются такие вопросы, как роль «транcграничных интеллектуалов» в преодолении нарративов ксенофобии и образов «политического врага» и др.




Tulane University (New Orleans, US)

“Squaring Russia’s Monoculturalism with Multinationalism: Is Transnationalism the Solution?”

You are cordially invited to a lecture “Squaring Russia’s Monoculturalism with Multinationalism: Is Transnationalism the Solution?” by Dr. Sergey Akopov.
The talk will take place on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 in Norman Mayer 118 at 4:30.
Open to the public. This lecture should be of interest to faculty and students engaged in the topics of identity politics, nationalism, migration, xenophobia as well as contemporary Russian politics.